Cintis, Bolivia
light rain
Humidity 58%
  • Low Temp. 19.6°C
  • High Temp. 19.6°C


Chances are you never heard of singani before— however it can now be found at the trendiest bars in NYC and London; And if you want to discover what is it about this incredible Bolivian spirit that captivated movie Director Steven Soderbergh to produce his own Singani 63, you will want to learn about the place where this spirit comes from and what’s so magical about it.

In the past few years this Bolivian spirit along with the wine produced in the region has been making waves around the world and what make this place so unique is its diverse landscape, perfect weather and welcoming people. We will be meeting the families behind the wine revolution currently taking place and we will be staying with them and learning about the region’s rich history where the same techniques have been employed for centuries and where all the wine and produced is 100% organic. You will feel as if you were traveling back in time.

Besides the wine and singani component, the route is filled with history and culture dating back to the silver era which is when the first big families settled in this amazing valley due to the perfect conditions that they did not have in Potosi at a time when it was the most important city in the world. The region has very much stayed the same since then but in recent years it has improved its wine production and quality significantly which you will be able to discover first-hand.